Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Mission Statement

To support and promote the coordination, development, and improvement of the Emergency Medical Services and medical care throughout Southwest Kansas.

More information about Region II:

  • Regular meetings are held with the volunteer Board of Directors members who represent each ambulance service within Region II and members elected at large. Region II is engaged in self management by identifying specific EMS issues within Southwest Kansas. We work to deal with those issues for the betterment of EMS throughout our area and across the state. Region II is self-perpetuating by responding to the needs, requests and interests of those we serve.
  • Representatives from Region II attend and participate in the Board of EMS meetings in Topeka. We carry to those meetings the ideas, suggestions and concerns of those we serve. We return to our area and share with our public the issues, actions and decisions of the Board of EMS.
  • We have established and continue to maintain a working relationship with Senators and Representatives within Southwest Kansas.
  • We have established and continue to maintain a communication network through regular mailings, by phone and e-mail. We regularly contribute articles for publication in the EMS Chronicle, which is received by each Kansas certified EMS professional four times each year.
  • We maintain a pool of equipment for use by EMS educators and agencies as they present training programs in their local communities.
  • We work with the Board of EMS and various EMS agencies to provide local training programs. We coordinate and present area wide training programs.
  • We provide printed EMS materials upon request.
  • We serve as a contact to assist local EMS agencies in the coordination of Critical Incident Stress Management debriefings.
  • We serve as a resource/referral agency for those who have questions regarding EMS issues